Closing Questions

And Answers

Why are you closing on Sundays?

Our staff has been working hard throughout these challenging times to keep things as close to normal as possible. With fewer staff than usual, our team is tired, and we haven’t been able to restaff back to normal levels yet. To give all our staff a day of rest to recover, we felt Sunday was the best day for that; and it also provides our team members who want to go to church with the ability to do so.

Are you having staffing issues?

Yes. Similar to most businesses, extreme labor shortages caused by the pandemic along with the extended unemployment benefits, it has made it very difficult to find individuals even willing to work.

Is the business doing ok?

Yes. Business this summer has been better than most summers. We are very thankful and blessed by the support from our community. Hopefully this coming season will also be better too. Like family, we look forward to helping our customers and appreciate their continued support.

How long will you be closed on Sundays?

Currently it is temporary, and just for the remainder of the summer (August 15 – October 17, 2021). However, we will continue to evaluate what is best for our team. Thank you for your continued support.